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Disaster Relief

Within days of a disaster or an emergency, BOXX Modular can deploy and assemble emergency shelters, medical facilities, and temporary housing using SmartSpace® stackable and connectable modular building units. The self-supporting steel framed units are an innovative, versatile and economic solution for disaster preparedness.

SmartSpace® modular advantages:
    Rapid Response
    • Expediancy
      • Ready for full use immediately after placed into position
    • Compact
      • Easily transported to facilitate rapid response
    • Mobility
      • Change a complete set of wall panels - 4 man-hours
      • Complex 2 units - 2 man hours
      • Stack 2-story - 2 man hours

    • Flexible
      • Ability to make a portable facility larger or smaller with minimal effort and time
    • Adaptable
      • Can be easily stored, quickly mobilized and reused over and over again
    • Reconfigurable
      • Walls are detachable and movable to allow units to be added to or removed from

    Cost Effective
    • Economical
      • Significantly less expensive than permanent construction
    • Longevity
      • Extremely low maintenance costs over longer life and repair by panel capability
    • Efficient
      • Allows custom design space usage
    • Quality Manufacture
      • Quality & Durability • Weatherproof • Secure • Fire & Mold Resistant
With a lower life cycle cost, SmartSpace® is the solution for short and long-term emergency/disaster preparedness. BOXX Modular has extensive experience and the team to provide the future generation of portable and temporary modular emergency shelter solutions.

Our modular buildings meet FEMA's preparedness requirements.

For quick and efficient solutions to a disaster or needed emergency shelter, call us at: 877.966.7839

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Any floor plans shown on this site are only a representation of the various projects. The floor plans will vary according to model and size. Please contact BOXX Modular for floor plans based on specific requirements and specifications.

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