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The Benefits of SmartSpace®

SmartSpace® is a versatile, multi-purpose modular space system that incorporates a Building Block design that can be:
  • Complexed
  • End to end
  • Side by side
  • Stacked
  • Two and three story
  • Unique "lego" design capabilities
Applications include:
  • Construction & commercial offices
  • Workforce accommodations
  • Temporary housing/ emergency shelter
  • Specialty application; medical, security, education
  • Special events, small format retail
Benefits of SmartSpace® Modular Units:
  • Expedient
    • Ready for use immediately upon arriving at site and set
    • Ground level walk-up easy access
  • Security
    • Same great features as conventional office space but with added protection of all steel construction
  • Mobility
    • Change a complete set of wall panels - 4 man-hours
    • Complex 2 units - 2 man hours, complete
    • Stack 2-story - 2 man hours, complete
  • Longevity
    • Green Construction, fire resistant, mold resistant
    • Extremely low maintenance costs over longer life
    • Repair by panel capability

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Any floor plans shown on this site are only a representation of the various projects. The floor plans will vary according to model and size. Please contact BOXX Modular for floor plans based on specific requirements and specifications.

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