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Mobile and modular buildings offer quick solutions for short-term disaster relief and longer term rebuilding efforts. Portable and temporary modular structures offer endless possibilities and have many advantages when a disaster occurs.

BOXX Modular has the ability to respond quickly to emergency needs after a disaster providing mobile and modular buildings such as barracks, classrooms, offices, restrooms, medical and specialty buildings.

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Any floor plans shown on this site are only a representation of the various projects. The floor plans will vary according to model and size. Please contact BOXX Modular for floor plans based on specific requirements and specifications.

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Modular Construction Advantages
Quick delivery of space - Many modular companies maintain a fleet of commercial modular buildings ready for deployment and delivery immediately.

Reduced time frame for completion of building infrastructure - Building construction occurs simultaneously with site prep, reducing completion time by as much as 50%.

Reduced cost of facilities - Overall costs savings on modular projects, when compared to typical site built projects can be expected to be between 15 -30% due to inefficiencies with labor, materials and time savings.

Budgeting flexibility - Acquisition options include leasing, lease to own, or purchase giving end users the option of operating expense or capital budget overlay.

Flexible design options - Modular companies can construct and deliver buildings for temporary and permanent applications and structures ranging in size from a few hundred square feet to tens of thousands of square feet. Exteriors can be designed to match unique geographic needs.

Reduced site disturbance in environmentally sensitive areas - Construction occurs off site in a manufacturing facility, minimizing site disturbances.

Re-locatability of facilities - Buildings are designed and constructed for efficient secondary relocations, without significant structural modifications.

Turnkey solution - Modular companies provide design, engineering, construction delivery and set up, on time and on budget.

- Excerpted from the Modular Building Institute

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